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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Auburn Alabama DUI Charges. For further information, please visit: or CALL US today at (866) 348-2889.

I failed the field sobriety tests, Iím automatically guilty right?

Absolutely NOT! Standardized Field Sobriety Tests were brought about to help police officers to have a uniform and objective way to determine whether a particular person is under the influence of alcohol or impaired to such a degree that the safe operation of a motor vehicle is not possible.

The problem with these tests is that when they were developed, the data and the subjects were tampered with. In addition, most Alabama DUI arrest police officers, do not administer the tests properly in the standardized manner as they were taught. As a result, the Alabama Field Sobriety tests results in most DUI laws cases are not reliable as indicators of intoxication or of impairment.

I refused to take the Draeger Breath Test, will I lose my driverís license?

Yes. In Alabama, there are 2 ways that you can lose your privilege to drive as it relates to an Alabama DUI charge or Auburn conviction. The first is administratively is you submit to the Alabama Draeger Breath Test and the result is 0.08g/210L or greater or if you refuse to submit to the test. The other way is due to a conviction.

I have a CDL, how will that affect my case?

Most participants in the traffic and criminal justice system in Alabama have been misinformed as to the affect having a CDL has on a DUI or traffic violation. Many practitioners think that if you have a CDL that a case cannot be dismissed or plea bargained because doing so would be in violation or state and Federal Law. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, the Federal Law prevents the masking of a conviction but reducing a charge, amending a charge, or dismissing a charge is not considered masking. Masking is what occurs when you enter a guilty plea to an offense and then, prior to the offense being reported to the state or federal government, the conviction is covered up. The State statute on point only prohibits a CDL holder from entering a pre-trial deferred adjudication program and does not prevent reduction of a charge, amending a charge, or an outright dismissal.

This isnít my first DUI, can you still help me?

Yes. Our attorneys work tirelessly to fight for the rights of those Auburn and Lee County DUI clients that have been previously charged and convicted of DUI. The Phenix City DUI lawyers at our firm recognize that the cards are often stacked against an Alabama multiple offender DUI defendant.

I got a DUI in Alabama but live in another state, what should I do?

At Kreps Law Firm, LLC, our team of Auburn, Opelika, Lee County DUI Lawyers and paralegals represent hundreds of clients per year on matters in the state of Alabama without the client ever stepping foot back in the state. Each and every case is different, however, and many Alabama DUI courts have policies procedures concerning such.

Kreps Law Firm, LLC DUI Defense attorneys handle DUI, Public Intoxication, and other charges pending in City of Auburn Municipal Court and the surrounding areas in Lee County and Russell County, Alabama. We have handled hundreds of Alabama DUI, speeding tickets, and other charges. Call us TODAY at (866) 348-2889 and let our experience go to work for you. We help Auburn DUI Laws clients in Lee County and Russell County, including the cities and communities of Auburn, Loachapoka, Opelika, Smiths, and Smiths Station in Lee County and Phenix City, Hurtsboro, Ladonia, in Russell County.

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