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DUIs are serious offenses and you need a serious Auburn DUI Attorney. Kreps Law Firm attorneys focus on the defense of Auburn DUI charges and our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to achieve the best result possible based on the facts of your Auburn DUI.

Joseph C. Kreps is a member of the National College for DUI Defense and is certified by NHTSA to administer field sobriety tests and as a standardized field sobriety test instructor. You need a DUI Attorney that knows how to investigate and handle DUIs. Because of the difficult nature of defending DUIs, you need an attorney that has the experience and knowledge to know what to look for in the details of your arrest. There are several cues that greatly assist the defense of your DUI, but only DUI Attorneys know what to look for and how to use that information to help you. CALL US NOW and let our experienced DUI Attorneys help you.

Before hiring an Auburn DUI Laws attorney to defend your Alabama driving under the influence charge and driver’s license appeal, you need to ask these questions:

How much of your practice is devoted to the defense of driving under the influence offenses?

The answer should be close to 100%. At Kreps Law Firm, we spend most of our working hours defending Alabama DUI charges. You deserve the best defense possible for your DUI.

Are you a member of the National College of DUI Defense (NCDD)?

Our unofficial motto is “Ready for Trial!” Lots of attorneys out there accept DUI cases and if they cannot get the case resolved without a plea, the attorney will talk the client into pleading out. We NEVER force our clients to enter a guilty plea to DUI. We perform a thorough and sifting analysis of the case and the client’s likely chance of prevailing at trial. It is always the client’s decision as to whether to go to trial in an Opelika DUI Penalties case.

Do you have any formal training in the administration of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST), the physical roadside tests that the officer gave?

The answer should be yes. Joseph C. Kreps is trained and certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to administer SFST, the same course police officers attend and the same tests officers administer. This “inside” information Mr. Kreps has enables him to provide you with a better defense than other attorneys. If the SFST are administered improperly, they are invalid and cannot be used against you in court. This is just one piece of expert knowledge Mr. Kreps will use for you.

On what date and time and in what Court is your next DUI trial scheduled for?

The answer should be at least within 2 weeks of your discussion. Dedicated Auburn DUI attorneys that will stand up for your rights and fight for you are likely to have a DUI trial within the week after your meeting or telephone discussions.

Kreps Law Firm, LLC DUI Defense attorneys handle DUI, Public Intoxication, and other charges pending in City of Auburn Municipal Court and the surrounding areas in Lee County and Russell County, Alabama. We have handled hundreds of Alabama DUI, speeding tickets, and other charges. Call us TODAY at (866) 348-2889 and let our experience go to work for you. We help Auburn DUI Laws clients in Lee County and Russell County, including the cities and communities of Auburn, Loachapoka, Opelika, Smiths, and Smiths Station in Lee County and Phenix City, Hurtsboro, Ladonia, in Russell County.

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